Creating and or managing an affordable web presence for small to medium groups and organizations e.g. charitable and not for profit organizations, schools, small business, condominium corporations, musicians and property management services etc.

I exclusively use and highly recommend for all my client sites.


  • Web Site Management/Development. Given my usability and design background combined with experience in site construction, I am able to offer expert advice/critique of your existing site, optimize what you have, develop objectives for a new site, and even build that site for you.
  • Manage and Maintain your Web Content. I have extensive experience in all components of web content  and can help you decide what information should be on your site, how to organize the information, maximize hits and the effectiveness of the site, etc.
  • Facilitate Focus Groups and Usability Tests. Want to know what users expect from your site,  what they like about the site, what they don’t like, etc.? Find out by asking them. I am able to setup and facilitate these sessions as an independent party, summarize and report the findings. I can then work with you to evaluate and prioritize findings, and develop a plan for implementation.
  • Manage Your Projects. I will gain an understanding of your requirements, document them, liaise with the technical/developers and other groups, and conduct post implementation measurement review. I can also research alternatives which include new and existing models and provide direction on the design process.
  • General Office Administration/Assistance. I have extensive experience in creating:
    • Letters, Flyers, Thank You Cards, Reports
    • Working with Spreadsheets
    • Creating Visual Presentations
    • Creating Process Flows
    • The above is created using Pages, Numbers and Key Note from Mac or Word, Excel and Power Point from Microsoft
  • Availability? No long term commitment required. I’m available by the Hour, Day, Week, Month etc.

Device Compatibility View

MobileDevicesIt is imperative that your web site display correctly in today’s most used devices. Your web site will look different on a Desktop > Tablet > Mobile Phone. Ensure the content, navigation and display is consistent.

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