Process Flows

There are essentially two reasons to document process.

  1. to record or document existing “as is” process (there may or may not be existing documentation) – for the sole purpose of a document of record
  2. to record or document existing “as is” process for the intent of making changes or the “to be” process

One of the most effective methods to conduct the above is to draw/sketch out a flow diagram as per the sample below. A process flow diagram is a great tool high level discussions with:

  • Senior Management
  • Application Developers
  • Auditors
  • Staff Training
  • Individuals who will document the flow in the form of a Process Document sometimes known as a Process Flow or Job Aid. This document would record the step by step detail instructions for the actual process itself and the various roles affected by the process.
process flow in graphical-language

process flow in graphical-language


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