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The Key to a Successful Web Site is to follow some basic “Getting Started Guiding Principals” – Key Element is to Define | Define | Define

Working closely with your “Subject Matter Experts” (SME’s), we take you through a detailed Define process by helping you discover the How’s, the Why’s, the When’s etc. as grouped below:

The How’s:

  • How do I “write for the web”?
  • How do I determine if my services or overall business changed since I originally launched?
  • How much am I willing to spend to build
  • How much will it cost – Do I need a “domain”?
  • How will I know I have the right developer
  • How will I ship – locally, NAmer, International?
  • How/Who will update the site for me as required

The What’s:

  • What do I have today – How do I know it’s working/not working
  • What does my competition offer
  • What is the current “content” status, how old, who updates/maintains – Content Inventory
  • What is the purpose of the new/update site Marketing | Provide Info | Solicit Inquiries?
  • What security issues/exposure = confidentiality
  • What type of site Info | Selling |

The When’s:

  • When do I want to launch

The Where’s:

  • Where will the site be hosted

The Who’s:

  • Who intercepts inquiries today? and what medium?
  • Who will build and maintain
  • Who will visit and why – Target Audience – Buyers, Suppliers, New Customers? External or Internal?

The Why’s:

  • Why do I need a client e-mail mailing list
  • Why do I need a current “traffic count”?
  • Why do I need a site
  • Why do I need authors, publishers?
  • Why should existing clients “test drive” my web site?
  • Why should I have “printer friendly” pages – that “load fast”?
  • Why should I pay for a higher search ranking?
  • Why should I promote e-mail inquiries?
  • Why should my site have a Usability Review?

Web Site Content Management

  • Decrease duplication of effort
  • Optimize document workflow from creation to archival
  • Establish a consistent corporate-wide document management workflow process
  • Ensure marketing, sales, and other staff utilize the most up-to-date versions of documents
  • Set security controls to ensure groups, departments, and locations have access to proprietary documents
  • Expand with a fully scalable Electronic Document Records Management System (EDRMS)


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